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Welcome to the world of Myrick art

A site devoted to the lives and visual art creations of Cecilia (C) Myrick and her two sons James (Jim) and John (Jake) Myrick. This site gives you a look at their art and helps you keep in touch with the artists and their activities. Each artist is showing their work regularly, often in Tokyo for Jake, or San Francisco with Jim or Winston-Salem with C. Content is updated as new artwork is created so please visit often. Work is for sale by direct contact with each artist. Please drop us a note let us know what you think while you are here. Enjoy the work and thank you for your interest in Myrick Art.

Cecilia Myrick
Jim Myrick
Jake Myrick

About Myrick Art

Myrick Art is the online showcase for the art works of the Myrick family. Proof that artistic talent is in the DNA, Myrick Art spans two generations from Mother to her Sons. At the top of the family artistic tree is Cecilia Myrick a practicing artist for over 60 years. This site also contains the artworks of James Myrick the eldest son of Cecilia and that of Jake Myrick the younger son.

This site provides a way for people to follow the work and careers of these three talented artists. Because C lives in North Carolina and Jim lives in San Francisco California and Jake lives in Tokyo Japan the Internet is the ideal medium to present their work in one place for everyone.

You will find all three have very unique and quite different styles. All three artists work with various media, context and subject matter. Even through each has chosen a different path on which to express their own views they all three have a gift that inspirers the viewer, wins awards or inspires art collector to add their work to their collections.